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The VRmaze graphical interface


Currently, studying human behavior is challenging. To study our adaptation capacities in increasingly rapidly changing environments (expeditions, companies, etc.), to improve our cognitive performance through training, to better understand the phenomena of cognitive saturation, to propose tools for selection, preparation or adapted follow-up of candidates, to optimize neuromarketing strategies.

All these fields require field measurements, which are sometimes difficult or impossible to implement or too costly, often reduced to our validated questionnaires, but far from evaluating all human behavior. Active testing of specific and complex brain functions such as spatial cognition and multitasking abilities remains limited. Current tools are unreliable, insensitive and not very scalable.

Therefore, virtual reality can offer a very good compromise with a great potential. Indeed, virtual reality can now become an easy way to calibrate or standardize complex tasks in immersive environments as close as possible to reality.

The computer lock lies in the development of these scenarios adapted to each need. Not every department has a computer engineer specialized in computer graphics with the ability and time to develop custom, scalable paradigms that need to be recompiled with each modification.


VRmaze is a software solution for studying human brain and behavioral capacities in near-real conditions or in controlled and calibrated environments. The operator has at his disposal a content creation module according to his needs for the execution of tests and tasks and the analysis of the interaction with the environment, all the variables in virtual movement, but also the physiological parameters can be recorded.

InMind-VR's VRmaze solution is open to be applied to Research, Health (diagnosis and therapy), monitoring in operational conditions, in extreme or constraining environments, in simulation...

VRmaze is a VR engineer, a computer scientist and a neuroscientific approach integrated in a single software that you drive.

About this documentation

This documentation reflects the most recent version of VRmaze. However, differences may exist between the images in this documentation and your version of VRmaze. Also, the screenshots produced for this documentation use a version of VRmaze that has all available user licenses.


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